The Fortina Spa Resort boasts the best catering establishment on the Island. We are proud of our absolute menus and impeccable staff. The Fortina provides fresh, seasonal, specially sourced ingredients and a superbly flexible menu, all available on-site for your occasion.

The Fortina has five award-winning Restaurants, each serving cuisines from around the World. This Dine Around the World concept could be introduced to your event. Each of our Restaurants will prepare authentic food from each area around the world and blend them specially, enabling your guests to benefit from a wide range of flavours and cultures.

 Simply give us your request and we will do our utmost to make it possible. Our chefs pride themselves in creating new, exciting and exhilarating dishes to make your wedding, party or event rememberable.

To inquire about our menus or to request certain dishes for your own private function or event, kindly call us on +356 2346 2222 or email us on

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